2024-03-29 | An old GPU put to use for new LLMs

Where are all the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)? There’s probably one in your computer or phone.

2024-01-30 | Age Of Empires! In the browser! Kind of!

How do you think about Age of Empires constantly without having the 20-year-old game engine sitting in front of you?

2023-12-19 | Cablebee

I designed and built Cablebee, a terrestrial analog that “flies” around my office using a parallel cable configuration.

2022-11-06 | Secrets

In 8th grade I finished an exam early and popped open a notebook to doodle.

2016-09-01 | Path Oriented Electric Wheelchair Steering Assistance

In retrospect, this project was dated incredibly quickly due to the meteoric rise of machine learning technologies.

2016-05-27 | Quadcopter

Autonomous devices rely on control schemes that ensure a smooth transition from one state to another.

2016-02-01 | Robot Arm Illustrator

In developing coursework for University of Wisconsin’s “ME 439: Introduction to Robotics” class, I used an à la mode board which interfaces well with a Raspberry Pi and has headers available for stepper motor control.

2014-02-01 | Project G.R.I.L.L.

G.R.I.L.L. (Growing Readiness in Learning and Leading) is a program for high school students to learn business, engineering, manufacturing, and other skills.