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This website may use analytics from Vercel to improve performance and count visitors. There is absolutely no personal information stored. I can only see how often a page has been viewed, where the viewers' IP addresses are, etc. These are all anonymous, aggregated data.

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You can check for the existence of these scripts by opening your browser's console (F12) and looking in the network tab for 'script.js,' which is loaded from '_vercel.' You can also look for a Vercel script loaded in the HTML like this:



<script defer="" src="/_vercel/insights/script.js"></script>

<script defer="" src="/_vercel/speed-insights/script.js"></script>



You can block these scripts on this site and many other websites with uBlock Origin. While improving your anonymity online, check out Cover Your Tracks and Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Please do your part to be invisible on my website and many others!